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Friday, November 20, 2015

Learn Forex and Binary Options trading in Sri Lanka


Call: 077 805 8452 / 078 5154798(Suresh), Email:, Skype: ranrahas 

Home Page:

Full Course (Online Registration Fee: $36/- (Payza, Skrill))

Basic Course Fee: Rs.2500/- 
- About MT4, Basic Forex Analysis and trading methods, Online Contract Jobs, Advertising Jobs & etc.

Special Forex Course Fee: Rs.2500/- for special pack (final session) 
- Special Forex tricks.

For more information please visit:
> SPECIAL PACK : Special trading tricks, Unlimited updates, Money back guarantee.

Binary Options Trading Courses (Simple H1 Method, and 60 Seconds/ 5 Minutes Method)

H1 Binary Options Trading Course Fee: Rs.3000/- OR $21
- Around 1-2 trades per day, or 3-7 trades per week. Including an Alert Indicator for MT4. Winning rate is more than 75%.

Best Binary Options Broker For H1 Method >> Please Click here (instaforex) to visit the website to use the Binary Option Page. (1. Fill the Form. 2. Login 3. Click 'Forex Options' to try)

Call: 077 8058452 / 078 5154798, Email:, Skype: ranrahas