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Saturday, May 6, 2017

රන්රහස් ජංගම දුරකථන මෘදුකාංගය ලබාගන්න (Download Ranrahas App)

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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

About Forex with Suresh and

දිනමිණ පුවත් පතෙන් ලැබුණු ආරාධනයක් මත Forex සම්බන්ධව කල සම්මුක සාකච්චාවෙහි ලිපිය මගේ වෙබ් අඩවියෙන් ළඟදීම බලාපොරොත්තු වන්න. 

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Binary Option Winning Rate Calculation

Binary Option දිනුම් අනුපාතය ගණනය (Winning Rate Calculation): 

We can canluate the winning rate on the amount of chances we use to place 1 or more orders.

Watch the video:

More about Binary Option: 

Binary Option Trading In Sinhala

What are the benefits of Binary Option Trading?

1.) You don't have to worry about Stop Loss And Take Profit, because it is predetermined. So you know the amount you will profit or lose.

2.) You can use tricks to trade Binary Options instead of using complex theories to analyse the market to trade, because it doesn't have a long target to achieve and it requires minimum 1 pip to win, which allows us to be relaxed after opening a trade.

3.) You need minimum around 55%-60% winning rate to make profits, because it has around 1:1 (~= 100:95 or 100:80) Risk:Reward ratio per each trade. (Risk:Reward ratio depends on your Broker and the amount of your investment.)

4.) We can take profits within a small duration of time, without waiting a long time till it hit a target. And the frequency of trading opportunities are good with the help of Alert Indicators which we can use to find good opportunities easily.

What is the risk of Binary Option trading?

You should have a trading strategy with minimum around 55%-60% winning rate, because it has always around 1:1 (~= 100:95 or 100:80) Risk:Reward ratio, and after opening a trade you can't change your decision to close the trade before the expiration, which can lead to lose from careless trades, because only 1 pip can make a loss (depends on the trading instruments and Binary brokers.).

H1 Binary Options Trading Course Fee: Rs.3000/- OR $21
- Around 1-2 trades per day, or 3-7 trades per week. Including an Alert Indicator for MT4. Winning rate is more than 75%.

(*since 2014 - Last updated: Feb-2017 - Members can request the updates for free.)

How to use this H1 Binary Option Method? You need only 5 minutes to check the MT4 platform per hour. You just have to set an alarm or check the alerts within last 5 minutes of the each hour. If there is an opportunity to trade, you can confirm it within another 5 minutes. That's it.. If you work with a computer, you can easily do this as a part time job, because it requires only 5 or 10 minutes per hour. And it is not recommended to do this as a full time job as well.

Get $20 No Deposit Bonus To Trade Binary Options.! You can use the bonus to trade without a risk to withdraw your bonus and profits in real money. (*$20 For Free | *Only For Our Binary Course Members).. Sponsored by

Terms And Conditions:
To withdraw the profit, the clients requires to turnover 25 times of the bonus amount, i.e if he receive $20 free bonus, he would be required to trade and purchase the contract worth of $500 (i.e., free bonus $20*25 times the amount = $500) to withdraw the bonus amount $20 from his account.

FAQ about H1 Binary Option Method

1.) Why do you do binary option H1 chart? We can do 60 second charts? Please explain these?

I have developed methods to trade using H1, M15 and M5 charts. 60 second chart is not good for health too, because it is very stressful and it requires high level of intelligence to take decisions quickly. I don't teach M5 method yet, because it requires some skills too, and I can recommend the same M5 method for M15 chart, but I don't practice M15 charts yet, so I don't like to teach it, because I practice that method only with the M5 charts yet. I know for sure that the H1 method is working very well, but from 2017 I started to practice the M5 method after some further developments, and it is working for me very well. But the technology I use to practice M5 chart is far advanced than the technology I used to practice H1 chart, so because it is not easy to teach M5 method, the value of that method is higher too. But the H1 method is very easy for me teach and it is easy for anyone to learn.

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